Beware, Wear Foundation in Vagina Make Tumors

Beware, Wear Foundation in Vagina Make Tumors

HAVE vaginal scent is a dream for every woman. But did you know that the use of talcum powder in the vaginal area can get a tumor?

Various methods to get their womenfolk in the feminine fragrance. Starting from the wash with special soap, underwear change as often as possible, to use the vagina powder fragrance that is maintained. However, the use of powder on her sensitive areas can lead to tumor disease granuloma inguinale.

As reported by Tim Kesproholic Core Partners, according to the study, use of powder in the area could be bad. Powder can enter the vagina and became the forerunner of tumor granuloma inguinale. Granuloma inguinale is a sexually transmitted disease caused by calymatobacterium granulomatis, which causes genital inflammation worse.

If you want to use the powder, the best way to advance to rubbing your palms, then rubbed into the groin area and buttocks are usually damp. This is to avoid that the powder does not get into the vagina.

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