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Diseases It Causes Impotence

Ability a man to get an erection and maintaining often equated with virility and masculinity. Inability to do so can affect a man's self esteem.

To help prevent the causes of impotence, it is important to understand what can cause the condition. Impotence can occur through a variety of causes, both physical and psychological. The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) reported that approximately 85 percent of cases of sexual harassment is physical. This is due to a medical condition such as an inability of blood vessels to allow blood to flow normally. Although it is often assumed that the problem can be blamed on what you think, only 15 percent of cases are caused by purely psychological causes, as reported by Healthline.

A number of heart-related conditions as a common cause of premature ejaculation, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis) and heart disease. In fact, according to UMMC, men with ED are at higher risk for heart attack or stroke. Nearly half of all men with ED also had high blood pressure. Diabetes is also associated with cardiovascular disease, is a risk factor for impotence.

Some neurological conditions such as nervous system and central nervous system such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis have also been associated with ED. Other causes in the body, such as a problem with the pituitary gland that causes too high levels of the hormone prolactin, and low levels of testosterone.

If there are several conditions that interfere with your sexual health, you should consult with a doctor to take precautions and proper handling.

Beware, Wear Foundation in Vagina Make Tumors

Beware, Wear Foundation in Vagina Make Tumors

HAVE vaginal scent is a dream for every woman. But did you know that the use of talcum powder in the vaginal area can get a tumor?

Various methods to get their womenfolk in the feminine fragrance. Starting from the wash with special soap, underwear change as often as possible, to use the vagina powder fragrance that is maintained. However, the use of powder on her sensitive areas can lead to tumor disease granuloma inguinale.

As reported by Tim Kesproholic Core Partners, according to the study, use of powder in the area could be bad. Powder can enter the vagina and became the forerunner of tumor granuloma inguinale. Granuloma inguinale is a sexually transmitted disease caused by calymatobacterium granulomatis, which causes genital inflammation worse.

If you want to use the powder, the best way to advance to rubbing your palms, then rubbed into the groin area and buttocks are usually damp. This is to avoid that the powder does not get into the vagina.

Shave Pubic Hair Cause Infection?

Shave Pubic Hair Cause Infection?

SOME of you may be accustomed to shave the pubic area. Be careful, because if the ingrown hair, can result in infections and sexual health problems.

Ingrown hair is a problem that occurs when the hair curls back into the follicle and grows, and grows below the skin surface. It is most often experienced when you shave the hair in the pubic area, this can lead to infection, as reported by LIVESTRONG.

This infection if left unchecked can develop into folliculitis. Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria are a common cause of these infections, butinfections can also be caused by a fungus or yeast. Folliculitis often characterized by redness, itching, inflammation, sometimes painful bumps on each follicle.

Although most cases are mild skin problems and can heal itself without medical intervention, the tendency to infection can have serious consequences if left untreated. Ingrown hairs can become infected with flesh-eating bacteria that can spread to the entire pubic area. Therefore, the existing symptoms consult your doctor.
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